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>For balance I put my socks and shoes on standing up without leaning on
>anything for support.  Just started doing it at the end of last season and
>have noticed an improvement in balance already.  I suppose this could be a
>real serious workout with panty hose so maybe I ought to start acting like
>Joe Namath.  :-)

That works, but if it's too easy for you try doing one-legged squats barefoot
while brushing your teeth (no supports)- really!  At first just bend the
un-excercised leg to keep it from hitting the floor.  When you can crank
out 10 or more (to a 90 degree bend in the weighted leg) try extending the
unweighted leg in front for 10 reps, then in back for 10, then dangly bent
for 10 (total of 30 reps/leg).  You'll end up with the butt & thighs of
King Kong (less the furry bits, at least for some of y'all, me- I'm the
original ape-man :-)

>One of the instructors I know is an 84 year old WWII Tenth Mountain Div.
>On the slopes he turns only when it is unavoidable [snip]

>He is about 5' 5" and 120 lbs. at most.

Are you sure he wasn't a Kamikaze? :-)

>A few years ago I said to him, "you know I find that every year I have to
>exercise harder just to hold my ground", and he looked at me as if I had
>just figured out that the sky is blue.

Last week after skiing the Interglacier with the Careys we ran into one of
their skiing buddies on the way up as we were packing our skis out.  He
was saying "You know, some guys are saying that the ski season's over
already, but I figure we've got at least another 3 weeks.  It might be
over for most of Chinook but theres plenty of pockets left in there." etc,
etc.  I took him to be a pretty robust 65-70 year old.  Regine told me,
"That guy is an inspiration- he's 83 years old and earns his turns like he
was a kid!"  It's good to know that it's not impossible, eh? (Now, where's
that Jane Fonda workout video... :-)


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