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Well Mark, you've done it again.  My admiration knows no bounds!  I should
have figured out that a week of silence from MARK RENSON must mean
something.  While the rest of us are sitting at keyboards posting trivia
and pining away for the snows of some distant future, you are out having a
great adventure.

>        That was indeed an outrageous descent.  Backcountry Magazine had a
>tingling article on that fantastic 1995 descent.

Are you talking about that story on the first descent of the north face of
Robson?  That was epic.

>        OK folks, this ain't a climbing list, so I gotta' keep this to a
>though I had to emote a bit.  Go to me backchannerl, of course, if ya'
>wanna' hear more.

Did you bring skis?  I hope so, never having made any August turns myself.

If you reply further to anybody B/C please send me a cc.  Consider it an
act of mercy, thanks.

Denis Bogan

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