Beetnik wrote:
> picture of Matt Mancini on page 74 is the entrance
> chute to Tusk

looks like something I'd have to be fearfully (before), gratefully
(after - one hopes), and firmly (by someone else) "encouraged" to try.

Also reminds me of Guido's "push the envelope" shot at
Brighton--depending on just how steep the dropoff is behind that little
mini-horizon in the photo that intersects Matt's belly.

But what about the terrain on page 75? Any idea where that is? Looks
scrumptious. Assuming I could keep my skis _on_ the ground.

> Matt is a pretty
> cool guy, much less hostile than Mark, and an amazing teleskier -- at
> least from what I saw the day we skied at Big Spruce (same day I ran
> into you Dan).

Youch. It's always bugged me that I didn't connect on how far from the
top (especially on molasses-paced Spruce lift) you were when you offered
to wait for me and daughter Laura. (I'll nominate a SkiVittle Award to
"Best Friend on a Powder Day": Jerm). Not sure whether realizing what
other skiing I was keeping you _from_ makes it better or worse!

> I find it pretty ironic that a guy who wants to keep everyting so secret
> went and published some of his best places in a national rag. What a
> hypocrite... next time he asks me where I'm going I'll just tell him "to
> that cool shot you showed all of us in Powder! Thanks man!"

Nice one. Here's hoping you get the opportunity to deliver it.

Folks, the nights are cool. I'm starting to feel like it won't be long


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