> Passing this along for those on list who knew Ken.  Unfortunately, while
> I never did get to ski with him at Stowe (we couldn't seem to get a
> rendevous date together) I did "talk" with him via email, first
> initiated from some list postings some time back.
> In any case since, nobody has mentioned it as yet, did want to pass this
> sad news along for the benefit of those listees who knew Ken.
> Carol Nelson.
Thank you Carol.

I should take time and organize my thoughts better, but this is heartfelt.

I skied with Ken.  Not at the MRG that he was proud to patrol at, but his
other gig at Stowe where he was a Host.  In 1998 when in Vermont for Patti
Mac's birthday celebration, Patti put the word out for any interested SkiVT-l
members to meet at the base of the Quad and ski with me/us.  Ken was one of
the skiers who showed up.  I'd already had some contact with him from the
list, but had never met him.  He said he figured meeting the Snow God was a
good thing to do...

Ken had these wild orange expert model Vokl shaped skis.  On the groomers
where I ski I thought he looked awkward.  In the bumps, where with a wink
and a smile he spent two days trying to coax me into, he just bounced down
boing-boing-boing without a care in the world.  I figure it was decades of
MRG skiing that did it.  He also joined us for reebs and dinner.  Nice guy.

I had hoped to ski with him last year at Stowe, but his illness prevented
him from attending.  How someone seemingly happy and healthy and full of
life, enjoying his retirement golfing and skiing, could be taken down so
fast is something I can't come to grips with easily.

The list has lost someone special.

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     Scott T. Clark
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