Jerm wrote:
> > But see .. that's what really so great about Stowe -- they've
> > managed to hold on to all this great terrain, while attracting a
> > bunch of posh stuck-up dorks who never ski the woods (or even a lot
> > of the natural snow trails).

To which my buddy Marcia (wounded in action at Stowe) replied:
>   I know some very nice non-posh un-stuck-up non-dorks on this list
> who *never* ski the woods etc.  They are neither snobs nor non-real
> skiers.
>   Please tell me I'm reading this wrong.  If not, I'll pass the baton
> off to perhaps Scott, maybe Carol, and anyone else that might feel
> somewhat disturbed by the resurfacing of "the attitude"....

I read Jerm's post.  Tried to remain calm.  Moved away from the keyboard
for a few minutes.  Took a deep breath.  Didn't help.

What has struck me over the past year has been that Jerm's and others
attitudes (as expressed on this list) seemed vaguely Stalinist both in tone
and certitude.

So, I guess who skis, where they ski, when they ski, what surface they ski
on, what type of person they are, ad nauseum, will all be determined from
now on by Komrade Jerm Beetnik, the SkiVT-L Komissar of Skiing?

I never thought the day would come when I'd welcome the return of Dougie,
but compared to the kind of insulting drivel I've been reading, he'd seem
like a breath of fresh air.

I, excuse me Komissar, actually like Stowe, and have never had a problem
with the people I've met there.  In your view of the world I guess I am
therefore condemned to be an Herb-spore-touron-stuck up dork.  Do you want
some examples from history as to where this level of intolerance leads?

Komrade Jerm, please grow up.

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