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<< Alpinists bibs & jackets are much lighter & more adjustable than
one-piece suits >>

Last year I bit the bullet and spent a small fortune on Marmot stuff.  New
Alpinist parka(3L goretex) and the Alpinist 3L bibs, as well as some fleece
underlayers.  I must say the stuff is worth every penny.  Warm and dry, and
cut to move great with me.  I was a little worried about the bibs, but the
way the are designed, I have never had a piece of ski clothing move with me
better.  I almost feel like I don't have anything on.  Because of the 2 piece
set up and zips, I can be comfortable in just about any setting.  Previous
outfits included a Degree 7 gore-tex suit, which I liked and looked cool, but
was too confining and constricting in some of the situations I find myself in
off-piste.  Also not enough vents, so if it gets warm, or if you sweat, you
are stuck.  Before the Marmot stuff, I had a spyder jacket and pants, which
were their top of the line.  IMHO, the Spyder stuff wan't as waterproof and
breathable as Goretex, which I really like, and was too heavy.  Too many
Zippers, buttons etc.  Too many pockets that tended to fill up with junk.  I
felt like Hernia Sam, King of the 30 pound jacket.  Very well made, and
looked marvelous, but too heavy.

The marmot stuff is very expensive, and may be overkill for some, but if you
like skiing in the Vermont in January storms, it works really well.


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