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> The plan on Sunday was to climb the slabs at Chapel Pond in the
>  Adirondacks -- a 700 foot low-angle climb up a big hunk of anorthosite.

I did the slab with some friends last Wednesday.  It was my second time ever
rock-climbing.  I had a blast and even got to lead our sixth pitch.  Not the
most difficult task in the world, but exciting for such a rock newbie.  I'm
more experienced with ice-climbing.

We also stopped by the Mountaineer.  What a great gear store.  BTW, their
T2's are 40% off.  Not as good as the Memorial day sale at the mountain and
border town, but not bad.  They're also selling off their rental plastic
mountaineering boots.  I think they run $150 if anyone's interested.  I
especially liked their book and chart section.  I'm enroute to Vancouver, BC
right now for my second year of grad-school.  Does anyone know of a
"Mountaineer" caliber outdoor book store in the Vancouver area?

In another post, Jerm mentioned something about MEC.  I'm a co-op member, and
have found their products to be super.  They're not going to win any fashion
awards for most of their wearable stuff, but it is very functional.  The
exchange rate right now is also a big plus.  I hope for their sake that they
are a for-profit venture.  Their prices are reasonable and often a touch
cheaper than a typical retail store, but if they are only breaking even, they
have way to much overhead.  However, I've been wrong before so Jerm, you may
be right.

Jeff Eriksen

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