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Subject: seminar at St. Mike's
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I am enclosing information on a seminar at St. Michael's college that
will be of interest to many of you, and also to some of our students.
Please forward this message to other people who might be interested,
announce to your classes, etc. etc.

John Trono ([log in to unmask]) is the chair at St. Mike's and is the
host for the speaker.  He has kindly showed me where the visitor
parking and the lecture theatre are, so feel free to email me for
directions.  I promised John that people at UVM would be interested,
so please help make sure that we do turn out a respectable number of

If you have some sense of the number of people interested, please let
me know so that John can plan.

Thanks -- Charlie.

p.s. Ron:  BSAD students are most welcome!  I'm sure some of the MIS
     crowd would get a lot out of this.


Speaker:  Merrill Warkentin, MIS, Northeastern University

Time and date:  2:30 p.m. on FRIDAY 9/10

Where:  Room 101, Cheray Science Hall, St. Michael's College

 Ecommerce Strategies: Technical and Business Challenges
 In this emerging age of ebusiness, the web is changing every internal and
 external activity of the new age firm.  This talk addresses both technical
 and managerial considerations, including design guidelines, security, legal
 issues, and overall managerial strategies for implementing websites that can
 achieve success in this new environment.  Electronic Commerce is growing
 dramatically-including activity such as enhanced communication and
 advertising and online direct transactions, procurement, helpdesks, and
 auctions.  Interactive web-based applications enable firms to reengineer
 their strategic business processes with sites for customer support, remote
 collaboration, and remote access to corporate services and information.  We
 will address technological challenges (such as security and payment systems)
 faced when deploying the most mission-critical applications on the web.