We have seen multiple cases like that...the worst senerio being a 32 YO
female that had a routine arteriogram(she was going to give a kidney to her
brother) and she C/O pain in her left L.E. while still on the table, yet the
Radiologist discharged her to home.  I was called in 36 hours later and she
had a complete occlusion of the EIA.  The string that the Radiologist is
supposed to pull out was  in the plug when it was surgically removed from
the vessel.  The other cases were anywhere from 300-600cm/sec in the CFA or
SFA depending on puncture site.  After over 20+ faux pas the Radiologist
have stopped doing them at all.  Now only the Cardiologists us it and we
have had a few high grade stenosis with them. I do not think that the
physicians are not trained well before they start to do these!!!!??????