Just a couple of comments regarding inquiries about the SVT conference in
Reno. It was an excellant conference and we have received many very positive

Regarding ICAVL proposed changes-they have not yet been approved by their
board, and following that, the representative societies will be reviewing the
changes and will comment. This will take a few months. The change we are most
happy about, is that it will become mandatory that the technical director be
an RVT or RVS. This change was in response to a letter written by the chair
of our certification committee-Bill Schroedter. We were hoping that not only
the tech director, but all the technologists would be required to be
certified, but at least this is a start. SVT's representatives to the ICAVL
board are Rita Shugart and Tina Nack Woods. Both have email addresses that
could be obtained through SVT. Regarding what states require what
credentials, please check out SVT's web page at All the up to
date legislative information is also listed.

The comment about the current issues session-we allowed folks to stay way
past the end of the session to ask questions. We will be sponsoring a two day
current issues program in Nov which will much more in depth than we could
ever get at a single session. Again, the info is on the web page or call SVT
at 301-459-7550 for a brochure.

SVT has several policy statements (Personnel Credentialing Guidelines,
Multiple Professional Credentials, Guidelines for Evaluation of Vascular
Technology Accreditation Programs, Minimum Qualifications for Physicians
interpreting vascular studies, a questionnaire for patients to consider
before having an exam) to name just a few documents. All of our committees
have been working very hard to provide the best services we can for our
members. The website will be frequently updated to keep all interested
parties informed.

I hope this answers some of your questions.

Paula Heggerick RVT RDMS
President, SVT