I also thought the conference was allot fun as well as informative.  As a
first time presenter, it was exciting and enlightening  to be apart of the
other side.  I'd like to thank, Pat Marques for helping me  get ready in the
Speaker Ready Room and Joe Hughes and Bob Scissons for pre-presentation
support.   It really was a fun and personable crowd to rub elbows with!

I've certainly noticed the positive changes SVT has made.  Can't wait to do
this again!

Joanne Spindel, RDCS, RVT
Vascular Lab Manager
Vascular and Surgery Associates of Sarasota

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I was wondering if anyone was going to comment on the Conference.
I thought it was great.
I think they should have given more time and topics for the lawyer.
The ICAVL Processes with Proposals was made clearer and I can't say I
it, but at least now I know who the contact within SVT is to voice my
concerns. (Problem is the way the process works you don't know about the
proposals till they are made the mandates.)
The networking and conversations were very educational.

Thanks SVT and all who worked so hard to put it together!