Of the Ten vascular tech's in my area, I only know of one that routinely
repositions the room so that scanning canbe performed from the head. So I
guess that makes 9 for the B-team and 1 for the A-team.


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This isn't what you'd call Earth-shaking, but there's a bit of a bet:

What position are people taking relative to the patient when scanning
carotids? I'm still of the old school, sitting behind the patient's
Another tech tells me nobody scans like that any more; he stands at the
patient's side, facing the patient, much as one would doing an abdominal
scan but a bit farther toward the head.

Could I ask for a bit of a survey? There's a lunch riding on this. You
reply straight to me so as not to clutter the Flownet up severely:

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Thanks a ton.

Don Ridgway
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