I agree with Ms. Pirt that service from
Nicolet can be problematic.

We have a MEDASONICS CDS transcranial doppler unit
(Medasonics TCD was taken over by NICOLET some time ago)
and have been trying for over two months to obtain
the BIOS settings for this unit.   Nicolet does not
appear to be able to find documentation for this unit that
will enable us to get it set up.

I realize Nicolet did not manufacture the CDS unit
but at this point they are the only source for this
info and they apparently do not even have a single
CDS unit (using the 386-SX25) in their service stock
so the BIOS setting can be obtained.

Sorry to post this here but felt a follow up was
in order.

Gil Groehn
Ultramed, Inc.

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><< Servicing of the Nicolet Vascular VasoGuard, including parts and
> supplies, is provided by the Nicolet Vascular factory in Golden,
> Colorado. Doppler transducers, PPG sensors, etc. are shipped from Golden
> CO within 24 hours of the order received.  According to our records two
> Doppler transducers for the VasoGuard were ordered by Western
> Pennsylvania Hospital at two different dates in 1998. These were shipped
> on the same days that the orders were received by us.   As you are aware
> Ms. Pirt, your unit was not purchased from Nicolet Vascular and attempts
> to obtain a probe from a source other than Nicolet may have resulted in
> your delay. Please feel free to contact me with your concerns.
> Apologies to flownetters, but I felt that this accusation of delayed
> service necessitated this response.
> Robert Daigle
> Nicolet Vascular
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>  >>
>This is totally inappropriate.

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