Dear Flownetters,

First, I apologize if my little inquiry cluttered things up too much. Who
knew? The question is evidently close to people's hearts.

Second, here are the results:

Behind the head: 105 votes
At patient's side:     40 votes
Undecided/both:       8 votes

Of course, this is what you would call an unscientific survey, but it seems
to be a pretty big sample. And it proves nothing about the superiority of
one approach over another, just preferences. There were lots of very
interesting responses. One pointed out the surprising ease of scanning a
patient in a wheelchair from behind--lots easier, often , than doing the
transfer to the exam bed.

My preference still is for the behind-the-head arrangement, just for the arm
stability (especially with difficult, prolonged studies). Probably more
important than the seating arrangement is to keep things relaxed and,
especially, to keep the wrist straight. My physical therapist friends assure
me that a bent-wrist position is asking--begging--for nerve damage. I have
graduates who have been forced to scan in an awkward, backhand position with
a bent wrist, and a few have had serious trouble as a result.

Thanks again for all your responses. I shall claim lunch at Mario's.

Don Ridgway