Our Vascular Institute participated in this screening project.  It was
     a national project sponsored by the Society of Cardiovascular and
     Interventional Radiology (SCVIR).  Surgeons, vascular radiologists,
     technologists (both vascular and from radiology), and nurses

     This was designed as a community service program to screen for PVD.
     At our site, either a nurse or technologist performed a brief patient
     interview to get a few details of medical history and symptoms.  Ankle
     and brachial pressures were recorded bilaterally and an ABI
     calculated.  A physician then spoke with the patient regarding their
     results.  The patient was given one of three recommendations:
     1)"no/low risk for PVD"; 2)"moderate risk factors and/or physiologic
     finding to suggest moderate PVD. Please discuss this with your
     personal physician at your next appointment"; or 3)"high risk for PVD.
     Please make an immediate appointment with your personal physician."
     If the patient gave us the name of their primary care physician, they
     also will receive a copy of these screening results.

     It was completely free for the patient.  In addition, we distributed
     informational brochures about PVD, smoking cessation, foot care,
     heart-healthy diets, etc.  We had 204 patients and it appeared to be
     well received by all.  I am not sure nationally about the statistics
     but could share then with you when I find out.

     We all realize that ABI's certainly tell only a very small part of the
     story.  This is why the physicians also did a brief review of the
     patient's risk factors and symptoms.

     I think SCVIR is planning to make this an annual event.  If you want
     more info their web site is

     Ann Marie Kupinski
     Karmody Vascular Laboratory
     Albany Medical Center
     Albany, NY

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Subject: free vascular screenings
Author:  UVM Flownet <[log in to unmask]> at Internet-Mail
Date:    9/17/99 9:13 PM

Hi, everyone!

Just something to add to the mix!

The New York Times yesterday had a short article describing a national
campaign being organized utilizing 500 hospitals and other health care
centers.  Sites are listed on the www at

The article mentions ABI's and questionaires, but no sonograms!

The whole thing is FREE!
29+0+wAAA+vascular">Vital Signs: Leg Pains, Bad Veins and Free Screenings</A>

Diana Ross, RT, RDMS