Servicing of the Nicolet Vascular VasoGuard, including parts and
supplies, is provided by the Nicolet Vascular factory in Golden,
Colorado. Doppler transducers, PPG sensors, etc. are shipped from Golden
CO within 24 hours of the order received.  According to our records two
Doppler transducers for the VasoGuard were ordered by Western
Pennsylvania Hospital at two different dates in 1998. These were shipped
on the same days that the orders were received by us.   As you are aware
Ms. Pirt, your unit was not purchased from Nicolet Vascular and attempts
to obtain a probe from a source other than Nicolet may have resulted in
your delay. Please feel free to contact me with your concerns.
Apologies to flownetters, but I felt that this accusation of delayed
service necessitated this response.
Robert Daigle
Nicolet Vascular
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<< I have used Parks Medical equipment for many years.  It is
 time to replace the Parks because the computer  is obsolete.
 (286 processor).  Parks Medical has a newer system, the
 software looks about the same as the old system but there
 are some hardware features that are improved.

 Can anyone give me feedback on the system sold by Nicolet.
 This company has a system which was demonstrated in our lab
 recently and it looks very good.  This company joined with
 the IMEX company who also has an arterial system, the
 Nicolet system is sold as their best system however.
 Nicolet has extensive experience in Neurodiagnostic
 equipment and the entry into Vascular is new.

 If you have a Nicolet system I would appreciate your
 comments on how you feel about it.  I would appreciate a
 note posted on this server or if you would like send me a
 note to  < [log in to unmask]>.  Thank you for your
                                    Jerry McGonnell, RVT

A response from a satisfied Parks user:

Our institution has both the Nicolet and Parks flo-lab. I think the
Parks is a more reliable piece of equipment.  in the long run.  Service
is a big issue with me and Parks wins this category hands down.
Everything with Nicolet is via England.  It took them 2 months to send
me a replacement probe for my machine.  I was fortunate to have the
Parks during this time.  Two months is unacceptable .What if you are a
small lab with only one piece of equipment?  Would you be able to wait
that long for a probe?  I hope this was helpful to you.
Debbie Pirt
Coordinator, vascular lab
The Western Pennsylvania Hospital