Dear Don,
Until 6 months ago I have scanned @ from the top of the bed BUT the other tech developed Carpal Tunnel & OT came and reviewed her work ergonomics and the major criticsm was that.  We have relearned to scan from the side of the bed.

Now I wonder what OT will say about the kink in my back/hip from scan from the side.

On a different note:  The conference was one of the better ones I have attended.  I like the format this year, and thought that the time alotted for question and answers was better than in the past.

My only criticism would be personal, not professional, and that was there was NO coffee provided.  Call me whatever, especially a coffee in the a.m. freak but I was truly surprized at the lack of caffiene.

The Poster sessions were very interesting and covered a wide variety of topics.

Kudos to all who worked so hard.

Sue Wilson, AD, RVT
Technical Director
Concord Hospital
New Hampshire