Just did this at our hospital. Watch out! It is recommended that nurses
perform these, but I had to spend time in arguing with education and teaching
a class beforehand to explain to nurses:

a) just because the ABI is >1.0, doesn't mean that the patient's circulation

b) you can take the arm pressure at one station with a dynamap and walk the
patient to station #2 to have doppler ankle pressures

c) what monophasic and biphasic mean

They opted for an RVT performing with them and available for second opinions.
 It turned out ok after inservice education, but it could have been a
medical-legal nightmare.

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<< The New York Times yesterday had a short article describing a national
 campaign being organized utilizing 500 hospitals and other health care
 centers.  Sites are listed on the www at

 The article mentions ABI's and questionaires, but no sonograms! >>