We do not do all echoes portably at our hospital but it seems we are doing more
and more unit pts that way.

The major problem I have with portables is the difficulty I have getting a good
study without ending up with back and neck pain.  This is getting to be a big
deal for our dept.- we are losing a full time employee this week due to
neck/shoulder problems. I am  currently doing the physical therapy route for
similar problems. Yes we probably should learn to scan from the pt's left side
but after 20 years it ain't easy.
Now this has me wondering - do those of you who scan form the pt's left have
similar difficulties doing portable echoes?

T. DeCorah
Glens Falls Hospital, GF,NY
(by the way, I have a full time echo position open - email me if interested)

Susan Tice wrote:

> Management at  the hospital I work at are trying to make a policy that all
> inpatient echocardiograms will be done portable for the convenience of the
> patient.  we have listed all the reasons why this is just not feasible for us
> to go portable all day.  I work in a big hospital , 1 hallway being 1/4 mile
> long.  We already go portable to do unit patients and those patients who are
> difficult to transfer to a stretcher.  My question is how many hospitals have
> this policy in effect?  We are trying to gather data that there aren't many
> hospitals out there that do all in house patients portables.  All comments
> will be appreciated.   Sue in Myers, Florida.