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<< Now this has me wondering - do those of you who scan form the pt's left
 similar difficulties doing portable echoes?

 T. DeCorah
 Glens Falls Hospital, GF,NY
 (by the way, I have a full time echo position open - email me if interested)


I have NEVER experienced any pain associated with scanning from the patient's
left side.  Maybe in the beginning my left wrist felt a slight stiffness, but
after that...nothing.  It really is better....try it for a week!

BTW, have you contacted Edna Correale?   I believe she lives in that area....

unless she has found a position already:  <A
HREF="">Employment Listings
(Page 5)</A>

Registered sonographer with more than 15 years experience in abdominal,
ob/gyn, small parts, vascular and cardiac imaging seeks a part-time position
in the lower Hudson Valley area. Licensed and registered radiologic and
mammographic technologist. Some experience in teaching and able to work
independently or as a team player. Edna T. Correale RT R M, RDMS, RDCS, RVT
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