I agree with your philosophy in regards to the flo-net being an adjunct
academic vehicle for all of us, and I am privileged to be a part.
however, I find your handling of the Flo-net vs. Middleton a little out
of hand.  While you might of felt it necessary to "discipline" Norm for
his actions. I dont think we all needed to know the specifics of Ms. Pirt
 nor the length of Norms "banishment". That sort of judge and jury garble
has no place on the net itself.  Im sure you werent trying to rub salt in
the wounds, I can assure you that enough attention has been paid to the
issue.  You could have spared us all the details and gave us all a stern
warning.   That usually does the trick!!!

No dessert after dinner either Norm, do your homework and go straight to
bed !!!!:)

Douglas E. Marcum RT(R), RDMS, RVT
Technical Director Vascular Laboratory
Schreiber & Clift MD
Maitland, (Orlando) FL
(407) 629-0888

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