My feeling is that Flownet is open game to anything except lies and personal
slander. If you get a group of people together there will be lots of
different opinions about everything. If you go to a vascular conference it's
no different, you are bombarded with different opinions on vascular
technolgy, vendors equipment, job searches, legislation or anything else.

All the vast number of subjects on Flownet have been very interesting
including what vendors say about their equipment, or even what they say
about other vendors equipment. You certainly can't avoid that at a
conference or in-house demo. That's where you learn. Flownetiquette is
though what we are about.

Just my opinion.


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Subject: Flownet Professionalism

Dear Flownetters,

I have never commented regarding several issues that I felt were
inappropriate, but this time I cannot hold back.  If this list is intended
an "academic adjunct for professionals in the field of vascular
surgery/technology," then all comments made by commercial representatives
should be limited to technical in nature.  Mr. Diagle and Mr. Middleton have
used the flownet as an advertisement for some time.  If this is how they
to participate  in the flownet then they should pay for advertising space.
It is ironic how other major ultrasound companies stay off the flownet.
shows a great deal of professionalism on their behalf and a total lack of
professionalism by Mr. Diagle and Mr. Middleton.  Let's keep the flownet
pure!!  Manufactures and their representatives need to reserve their
to the privacy of their customers offices.

Thanks Steve for handling this situation.  It left a very polite and
tech very upset.

Mike Varlotta