Dear Dennis,  Marsha Neumeyer gave a very impressive  talk regarding Duplex
Evaluation for Temporal Arteritis in St Louis  at the Vascular Symposium March
"99" She is at Pennsylvania State University College of Medicine at Pen State
Geisinger Health systems, Hershey. Pa. She is also addresses the article
written by W.A. Schmidt. Sincerely, Carol Vandenberg, RN,RVT

Dennis Stewart wrote:

> If anyone out there has a protocol for scanning the temporal artery to
> assess for temporal arteritis, could you PLEASE forward it to me ?
> One of our physicians was wanting me to inquire re; this. Also, since you
> would be scanning a "window" to the brain at times, what settings would one
> need to use to be safe?............Thank you, R.Stewart,RN, RVT