Again, as I said before, the sonographer who can do more than one type of
ultrasound application as well as the second is rare. The cross-over between
abdominal and visceral vascular ultrasound are natural. The cross-over between the
RDCS and vascular is not so obvious. The adequate carotid study versus more complex
issues like dialysis graft studies, standing venous reflux studies, large people
with calf veins deep enough to give you eye strain would make me want a person who
performs enough of the studies I am having done to know the answer. I am sure some
people can do this, but the point also is at what personal cost. To maintain that
expertice would require way more work than most people have time.
                                                     Tim Oltman RVT
Deborah Richert wrote:                  Memorial Medical Center

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> ><< Hello! I also agree that the individual who can actually cross-train
> >between
> > two ultrasound specialties is rare. The individual areas of ultrasound are
> > diverging and to be current in the individual fields is getting to be quite a
> > challenge. The skilled sonographer can do a normal patient, but subtle
> > pathology is another thing.
> >                                          Tim Oltman RVT
> >                                          Memorial Medical Center >>
> >
> >    I would have to disagree with this statement, yes I am registered in more
> >than one specialty, however I do not practice in all of the areas now that I
> >am registered in, but I do practice in more than one, While I am not a jack
> >of all trades, it is possible to do more than one thing well. I practice in
> >two areas of sonography and I know that I do an excellent job in both of
> >them. There are many sonographers out there who do a wonderful job in more
> >than one specialty.
> >
> >I would have to sign this, master of two (not jack of all)
> >Kelly Estes RDMS, RDCS, RVT, practicing in the last two
> >
> >
> I agree with Kelly.  I am a sonographer also registered in more than one
> specialty and feel I do an excellent job in each area of sonography I
> perform.  If you ask the physicians I work with they would agree with me.  A
> skilled sonographer can do excellent work in more than one specialty.
> Deborah L. Richert, RDMS, RVT
> La Crosse, WI