LMRP doesn't change when the carrier changes.  Consequently, unless Empire
publishes new/revised LMRP, the existing LMRP (from Xact) remains intact.
Probably the best example of this can be found at which covers 12 states (Noridian).

Now, if Empire enforces the LMRP is another question for which I have
absolutely no answer ... they've done some very strange things in the past -
but they certainly have the right to enforce ... and based on that
experience, I would suspect that they will get around to it sooner or later
(as soon as someone at Empire realizes they can) ...

BTW, HCFA will not have the answer in that this is Local Medical Review
Policy (originates from the carriers) ...

Good luck ...

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Subject: Accreditation of vascular labs in NJ

Does anyone from NJ have the accurate information regarding the current
mandate for vascular lab accreditation in NJ? Originally, we learned that
they were under XACT medicare requiring RVT, RVS or ICAVL by 1/1999. In
working with a lab from NJ they recently learned that they are now under
BC/BS that deals with the medicare reimbursement and no one seems to know
anything about accreditation requirements. They have called the ARDMS, ICAVL
and SVT offices and got the original message of requriment by 1/99, but when
they call the NJ and HCFA offices no one seems to have the same
answer.....any advice?? Kathy Palmieri, RVT
Kathleen Palmieri, RVT
Cardiovascular Technology Resources
Skaneateles, NY