I feel that the correct position to scan from, is whatever you feel as an
individual allows you to complete a thorough and accurate study.

I was taught, in a dedicated vascular lab, to scan while sitting beside and
facing the patient, this is very comfortable for me, it allows me to have good
posture, while keeping my hand steady while lightly resting my arm on the
patient (not my weight just my forearm, I was taught that god put that chest
their for a reason, so I had a place to rest my arm). While I have scanned
from above the patients head, I never felt this allowed me to obtain adequate
visualization of the posterior views, or the distal ICA.  I also feel I am
able to get better leverage with my hand and the transducer, tilting back and
forth, for doppler angles especially, when sitting beside the patient.

Therefore I feel, and have experienced personally, that I am able to complete
a better study form this position.

Also, the patients seem to be more comfortable this way, most do not like
laying flat. This position allows the patients head to be raised, then I move
the pillow down a little so their head is able to tilt comfotably back with
their chin raised, to allow for a very nice sized window.

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