Attention Flow Net Users:

I would like to gather data for On-Call to try and help all of us out there that are presently taking call.  Due to the overwelming response of faxes for an algorithm to control venous on-calls, I have taken an interest in just what is happening out there in the vascular field.  I feel that our institutuion is very fortunate when it comes to taking call.  We are very lucky to have ten technologists assisting with call and only take it on weekends with the assistance of a gatekeeper.

This is what I am trying to accomplish:
1.  Try and help standardize the use of on call in the vascular field
2.  Concrete data from across the country for use to approach management to restructure policies that are too lenient or abusive

If you do have data please submit it to me by e-mail, fax, or mail.

To keep things consistent this is the information that I need (for now I am only interested in LE venous call-ins):
1.  Number of LE venous call-ins within the LAST six months (or a six month interval)
2.  Number of Positive vs. Negative for ACUTE DVT (any acute thrombus within the venous system including the calf BUT NOT SVT)
3.  The INDICATION for the call-in (swelling, pain, etc...)
4.  Your policy on LE venous call-in (ex:  algorithms, gatekeeper, etc...)
5.  Hours of call service (24 hours, weekends)

My direct E-Mail address is:  [log in to unmask]
My Mailing address:   Debra R. Goines RVT
                                  Cleveland Clinic Foundation
                                  Vascular Laboratory  S-60
                                  9500 Euclid Ave
                                  Cleveland, Ohio 44915
My Fax Number is:   (216)445-7370
If anyone would like to speak to me directly, please call my office at (216)445-1622.

I am asking everyone for their assistance in this matter to try and rectify and obvious problem.  One I compile the data, I will offer it to anyone who may be interested.

Thank you for your time in advance,