RE: venous call

Hi Doug,

I requested an E-mail of your L.E. venous agorithm a while back but did not receive it. I may not have gotten my E-mail address correct.  (I am new at this).  Could you please try sending it to:

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Mandy Kardas, RVT
Twin Falls, Idaho

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Subject: Re: venous call

To any interested netters,

I have a neat (and thorough) lower extrem. venous algorithm I put
together  that may be of interest to pass along to dept. heads or E.R.
If interested please e-mail me at [log in to unmask] with your name and
fax and I will gladly zip it along....glad to be of cervix, oops...

Doug Marcum  RT(R), RDMS, RVT
Maitland (Orlando), Fl.

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