If you mean post-exposure prophylasis??
then, see Primary Care Clinical Practice Guidelines - Bloodborne exposure

Also known as universal precautions -  treat ALL bodily secretions from
ANYONE as infectious -  more health care workers die from Hepatitis B
 than from AIDS as a result of occupational exposure...

The person with AIDS or Hepatitis B can look like yourself....

JOINT ADVISORY NOTICE Department of Labor / Department of Health and Human Services -
Guidelines for Protecting the Safety and Health of Health Care Workers - Appendix 5 - Protection
Against Occupational Exposure To Hepatitis B Virus (HBV) And Human Immunodeficiency Virus
(HIV) October 19, 1987

UCSF PEPNet - current information about post-exposure prophylaxis for preventing infection with
HIV and other blood-borne viruses after exposure.

CDC Hospital Infections Program - Needlesticks / Other Blood Exposures
  MMWR 1998 May 15 47(RR-7) HIV Postexposure Prophylaxis Guidelines (110K HTML,
  384L PDF)
    Appendix First-line drugs for HIV PEP HTML

JAMA 1999 Mar 10;281(10):931-936 - Grand Rounds at the Clinical Center of the National Institutes
of Health - Postexposure Chemoprophylaxis for Occupational Exposures to the Human
Immunodeficiency Virus

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>We are developing a policy for patients that may be infected with HIV
>from blood transfusions. We have searched Medline, checked and called the
>CDC, FDA and the Red Cross. We want to determine the proper prophylaxis
>protocol for such an event. We need this soon.
>Your help is greatly appreciated.
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