Dear Medlibbers -

Early in August, I asked for assistance in developing a workable
procedure for complying with the "rule of five" in copyright.  Here is a
summary of responses, and the plan I formulated.

First, I received many helpful replies, and as always, this list proved
generous and thoughtful.

1. Volunteers - many involve volunteers in various aspects of this job -
filing, compiling data, etc.
        While I have requested a volunteer, the department here has not
yet found a candidate - people consider library work "boring."  (thanks
a lot!)

2. Spreadsheets - several people use Lotus or Excel to track usage,
though they were not terribly specific.  They do cite the need for
clerical help to do this, which I do not have.

3.QuickDoc - several people asked me why I wasn't using QUIckDoc for
Well, the answer is that while I have used several of QD's features, I
just hadn't found this one yet.  Lo and behold, QD will print out your
requests by journal title for whatever time period you request. All the
data is there - number of pages, date, requestor, etc.

4. Limiting requests - a few brave souls with very limited budgets do
refuse requests beyond 5.  We decided not to go this route, mainly
because we have been through so many cuts, that we did not want to risk
alienating our customers any more. Also, just keeping track of that is
an added work burden.

5.Document Delivery Service - Some refer customers with multiple request
to document delivery services, where cost includes copyright fee, and
requestor is responsible for paying.  We are not going this route for
same reasons as above.

SO, I went to my boss with all this information, and the approximate
annual cost of paying the CCC, who generates these requests, etc.  I had
piles of data.  The response was that the money WILL be found.  I
registered with the CCC, and will need to set up a periodic reporting
schedule.  It does mean one more task for me, but I do believe it will
be manageable.

THe other data that came out of this analysis is a realization as to how
much this library does to support research.  My institution does support
the library, but the motivation seems to be mainly in support of
education - we have 13 residencies here, plus a medical school nearby.
ALso, a sort of understanding that we support patient care.  That's
fine, but I think there is not a realization of how vital we are to the
work of research, also important to this institution.  The new chair of
my library committee has asked me to compile some hard data on  the
budget and staff workload implications of our support for research, and
he will help me get that to the right people.

I hope others find this summary useful

Incidentally, we also redesigned our interlibrary loan request form and
the copyright stamp we use (with the help of our Legal Dept.) to also
strengthen our copyright compliance here.

Linda E. Bunyan
Manager, Medical Library/Bookstore
Summa Health System
55 Arch Street, Suite G-3
Akron OH  44304
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