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> Dear Medlibbers -
> Early in August, I asked for assistance in developing a workable
> procedure for complying with the "rule of five" in copyright.  Here is
> a
> summary of responses, and the plan I formulated.
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        2. Spreadsheets - several people use Lotus or Excel to track
        though they were not terribly specific.  They do cite the need
        clerical help to do this, which I do not have.

        []  OK i think I can help you all out here.

        The way I keep track of usage is two fold:  I import QuickDoc
reports into Excel, and I also keep hash marks.  I keep one book for
reshelving, the other for photocopy requests.

        Importing QuickDoc reports is easy.  Instead of printing a
report to the printer, you save to a file.  Then you import that file
into Excel or Lotus. The importing function of Excel or Lotus will help
you figure out how the spread sheet will look.  I used this to prepare
an ILL report for my library committee.  I went through the excel
spreadsheet and deleted duplications of the journal title borrowed, but
ADDED a column where I stuck in the total number of requests...  you
could do it one column for last 5  years, and another for number of
requests for issues past 5 years ago.

        The in house usage tracking is invaluable.  I used my journal
list in MS Word and imported it into Excel.  I then made columns for 5
year spans of holdings... and made a grid for hash marks. Every 6 months
I count up the totals and put in new sheets.  NEJM and JAMA are two
culprits who get heavy usage!  I then make another excel spreadsheet and
enter in total usage numbers for the year.

        I keep a log book of photocopy requests, date, name of person,
status <doc, nurse, etc>, journal title, and year of journal, and number
of pages copied.  I don't really use the number copied but Im keeping it
anyway.  This number gets put into another spreadsheet.  I keep track of
in photocopy requests by patron status.  I have a column for each.  On
the master spreadsheet, I add the in house usages together for a grand
total in house usage... and then divide that into the Annual
subscription cost.  I get a cost per use indicator.  My library
committee has recommended a $50 per use baseline for looking at cost -
benefit of the journal collection.  I will be making collection
development decisions from this, as well as working on Copyright

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