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The Wound Healing Society
                is a nonprofit, international organization of clinical and basic scientific investigators
                                  interested in the field of wound healing.

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                                  Scars & Stripes
                           (The Official Newsletter of the Society)

 Scars & Stripes is the biannual newsletter of the Society distributed to all members. This newsletter serves to
 keep the membership abreast of the activities of the Society's different committees, as well as provide
 general information of interest. The newsletter is edited by H. Paul Ehrlich, Ph.D. and co-edited by Robert F.
 Diegelmann, Ph.D. Comments and items you would like considered for inclusion in the newsletter should be
 sent to either of these individuals.

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I've searched everywhere I can think of -- does anyone have this article or
a clue about the periodical?

Baxter CR, Wound care clinics - a need? Scars and Stripes 1993; 3(2):5

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