I am in need of 3 items.  Please let me know in advance if you
can provide and if so, will be a fee?  They are:

(1)  Chapter in Book:  Sybert A. Weiss EB.  Status asthmaticus.
In:  Weiss EB et al., eds.  Bronchial Asthma: Mechanisms and
Therapeutics.  2nd ed. Boston:  Little, Brown and Co.; 1985: 808

(2) National  Institutes of Health.  Guidelines for the Diagnosis and
Management of Asthma.  National Asthma Education Program
Expert Panel Report  1991; DHHS publication No. 91-3042

(3) National Institutes of Health.  International Consensus Report on
diagnosis and treatment of asthma.  1992;  DHHS publication No.

I was able to locate the newer NIH publications but not these.  Any


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