I was not the one who sent the meesage looking for used gear, but if you
wanna seel tyhem try it off I use that place quite a bit.  Anyway I
just got some new skis and bindings Rossigonol bandit XXs and the  Rossi
Axial Pro (new style TTs that are made by LOOK just say Rossignol), I am not
a huge Saloman fan Like generally like  k2/Rossi (ski,bindings, Boots), &
Dynastar/Look/Lange the most.

Ski ya later,


>I have a pair of Salomon X-scream series(Pr8) with Salomon 997eq(Din
>5.5-14) bindings that I will sell for $600.  They've been used about a
>dozen times and are in very good shape.  My boot sole is 304mm, if you need
>them remounted just let me know your boot,maker, model and size and I will
>include that and a freshy tune at no additional charge.

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