>  beautiful day for them. I had heard that Bretton Woods is a wimp hill and
> boy were
>  they correct. This place has nothing to offer the advanced skier. It is a

Bretton Woods is a "mellow" hill that so far as I know has never claimed to
be anything else.  It is very popular with families and cruisers and
deserves to be.  I will without hesitation bash a place that claims to have
steeps and doesn't, for example Vail, not to offend any New Englanders on
this list.  Blue and green skiers will want to know about Bretton Woods.

I spent a day there in early Jan. (97?) and would do so again under similar
circumstances.  Son John and I had spent 2 days at Wildcat, the place where
I learned to ski mountains (rather than golf courses) in the early 60s.  It
was a nostalgia trip for me and we stayed at Joe Dodge Lodge in Pinkham
Notch.  The Wildcat I remembered was delivered in spades, -20 deg., summit
lift on wind closure, and blue wind polished ice everywhere.  Although it
had been snowing lightly for 2 days there wasn't a flake of it on the
mountain; it had all blown into Maine.   At times I couldn't hold an edge
at all on race stock Volkls with a fresh tune.  Meals in the lodge are
family style and we met a German woman touring and skiing the US for 3
months on a budget.  She was asking about hitching a ride to Bretton Woods
where I had never been so I said sure we'll go over there and give you a
ride.  It wasn't any warmer but it was in the lee of the wind and there was
4-8 inches of wind blown powder.  Sure, there were no trails beyond an
honest blue but we had a good time anyway.

I liked the atmosphere at Bretton Woods.  It is definitely not a McSkiing
mountain.  There was plenty of mountain left above the lifts and if they
expand into that area it could get quite interesting.  Chances are that
people climb and ski it now but I notice that nobody has jumped on this
thread to reveal any secrets.  BTW on a trip to Boston last yr. I caught a
half hr. show on NH public TV about some guys who ski the west side of Mt.
Wash. in mid winter.  Some of it was Ammonusuc Ravine and some elsewhere
with steep trees, ledges & small cliffs.  It looked really good.  These
guys claimed that avi danger is much less on the west (windward) side of
the mountain and it makes sense.

Denis Bogan

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