On Wednesday, September 29, 1999 2:37 PM, Denis Bogan
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> > As soon as I got the skis on a rational man would have realized this
was a
> >mistake, but I pressed on.  It was extremely wet and heavy but still
> >enough to sink down deep; real leg breaking snow..  I was smart enough
> >check my pack to be certain I had my climbing skins and space blanket.

        I recommend bringing along a headlamp as necessary equipment.

        ... and then Denis writes ....
        <lotsa' stuff that made me physically exhausted just reading it>

> >it any more.  They should.  It took an hour and about 15 shallow
> >traverses to gain the 150 feet of vertical to get back up the steep part
> >Deer Run.  In another 3 hours I was back at my jeep.  It was badly stuck
> >it took another 2 hrs. to shovel it out and get off the mtn.  The wind
> so fierce that >by the time I got one wheel dug out the other 3 were
> again. I finally managed to >shovel faster than the wind.  Within the

        uh .... um ... , Denis, don't you have a heart condition?

> >Well, I went for an adventure and that's what I got.  Also learned
> >never go without a partner and never underestimate the power of snow.

        Sounds like a great day.  Anyway, my new routine that I have picked up
over the last 2 seasons, has been to skin up to the summit of Stark
Mountain and get some untracked.  It truly is a treat and makes you realize
how beautiful a mountain it is, especially when you top out onto Broadway
in the forest and make your way through the braided areas of mixed birch
and pine on Antelope to the top.


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