Matt Duffy wrote:

>     I'm curious to hear what other, perhaps less "stupid", people do on
> their first outing.

After reading Denis' PA tale this is pretty tame and
lame...but --

For years we had a tradition to do our first day out on New
Years Day and it was always at Jack Frost in Poconos...but
since the kids have been away we sort of stopped going to
PA.  Every time we went there we'd say "this is stupid", we
really should have waited and just went to Vermont -- I
mean, it's 2 1/2 hrs to Jack Frost and we can be at Mt Snow
in 5!

But we did go to Jack Frost recently and were happy to just
be skiing...since at the time Vermont was out of the
question.  It's still lame though, but good for laughs
sometimes.  One does have to admit the place does spawn
skiers though.. I guess you have to start somewhere -- may
as well be there-- and really, better there than at
Killington -- but we all know gazillions of them flatlanders
DO go to the K and make fools of themselves  - :^).

Yep, there is a use for those lame ski areas the list loves
to knock.  The spawning grounds for masses of snow sliders,
if not "skiers".  Wouldn't call Jack Frost a "family" area
though -- more a "teen" area.  Crawling with them --
entertaining at times.

Carol N.

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