!@#$% This is the third time in a week I try to mail this thing. ;(

Hi everyone.

Meeting attendees tuesday night included

and Peter Duvall.

With the exception of Nate, who said this was a bad time for him, all of
the rest of you should hang your heads in shame.

Items discussed were:

broomball.  Due to the imbalance of guys versus chicks, Peter will be
instantiating 2 teams: one coed & one men only.  If any of you have any
girlfriends who are UVM affiliates, please see if you can't convince them
to sign up.  promise them whatever it takes. :)

Salvation Army project: This project looks like it wouldn't take any more
than an afternoon for someone who knew how to use Access.  They've got one
site license for Access, so we're going to use access: they need to keep
track (on a yearly basis) of who signs up for christmas toys, food etc (we
have the sign up sheet to figure out what fields would be needed for
anyone who wants to help) and then they need to be able to enter the
information through some form without having to understand anything, and
they also need some predefined reporting capabilities, such as what age
groups they're short on toys for, cases/town etc.  They also would like to
be able to track who shows up Christmas Eve to get toys  after other
local agencies have already helped them.

Anyhoo, we need a couple Access whizzes to whip something up, or at least
give us a look at something similar they may have already done (Ed?) so
that others who are ignorant could still help. (me).

Then, after discussing these items, with only three members present we
didn't feel like planning anything fun for the rest of you, so we went



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