The following issues need to be addressed at the Oct. 14th board meeting:
Grievance: The Valley Education Association has initiated a class grievance concerning WWU's "...inability to pay 
                  people in accordance with the terms of the Master Agreement violate said agreement including, but not
                  limited to Arcicle IV Section A Salaries and Other Compensations, Article IV Section B Salaries and
                 Other Compensations, Article VI Section B General Insurance and Article XIII Deduction from Salary"  It is
                 my understanding that paychecks are incorrect and 3 individuals have not been signed up for their health
                 insurance.  Roberta mentioned that the grievance is in step 2 (Bill Riegel has been notified of the problem
                    and is required to contact Jeff Isham by Friday Oct. 8 concerning these issues).
Apart from the grievance it seems that invoices are being paid late which are resulting in the school being charged late fees and in one instance (Bisbee's) widthdrawing credit approval to the school.  If the rest of the board agrees, I will ask Bill Riegel to come to the Oct. 14th meeting to update the Board on status of the grievance and what is going on at Central Office.
Transportation:  Steve Longchamp is sending a letter requesting a new bus stop at a day care in Gallagher Acres
                          (in Moretown) off route 2.  Susan Swenson confirms that a bus can get into and turn around here
                           and it would only add 2 minutes to the PM run.  Susan is contacting Craig Elwell to be sure the road
                           into Gallagher Acres is accessable by the bus in the winter.  The policy of the Board in the past has
                           been to accomodate kindergarten children when possible.  This circumstance seems to fit that policy.
                           The policy on Transportation also states that the Principal has the authority to make minor changes
                           in the bus routes.  Is an addition/deletion of a bus stop a minor change?  Can/should the Principal
                           make this decision or does the Board have to make it?
Policies:              I will be list serving 2 policies for Board review, Security (new) and Transportation (revised).
                           Please look them over so we don't have to spend alot of time going over the content.