When you say item should be put on next agenda, I assume you mean I should tell Laura she will have direction on October 15th.  Let me know if my assumption is incorrect.  RB
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          The snow plowing should go out to bid. Item should be on the agenda for the next meeting. The town can not plow the lot without tearing it up with the big truck. The town's small jobs go out to contractors (as did the town clerk's when the selectmen bid it separately. 
          I would propose that the contractor would plow the lot before 7am, through 10pm, on every day when there is more than 4-6" of snow??  It is a Town/School lot that is used for other activities besides the regular school day. The school plows - the town mows.
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    Did you want Laura to put our snow plowing out to bid?  If yes, are there any specs you want added to it?  RB