Below is the proposed building security policy.  Roberta has reviewed it and has gotten David Hanna's input.  Please forward any comments, changes, etc. to me.





The School Board of Directors (Board), in conjunction with the Principal, will develop rules and procedures for the security of all school buildings. It is the Principal’s responsibility to ensure that all personnel are aware of the building security procedures.


The purpose of this policy is to ensure a safe learning environment, protect school assets and to prevent acts of vandalism.


  1. The front doors of the school are opened at 7:30 AM and Students are allowed into school at this time. Students are only allowed into the Multi-Purpose room until their teacher arrives and allows them into the classroom. All other doors into the school are to remain locked throughout the day unless so authorized by the Principal.
  2. The front door of the school will be locked at 4:00 PM every day unless authorized by the Principal.
  3. The Principal has the authority to regulate who has keys to what rooms. The standard will be as follows:

- Master keys – Principal & Maintenance Supervisor

At no time will members of the public be given a key to the school.

4. In the event a Moretown resident(s) wishes to use the school for community activities, the Principal will ensure that the REGULATIONS FOR THE PUBLIC USE OF THE MORETOWN ELEMENTARY SCHOOL and building security measures are followed.



  1. Visitors (parents included) are to stop at the School Office, state their reason for being at the school and sign in.
  2. At no time are children allowed in the school building unless properly supervised.


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