Now Kent,
I hate to be  technical but the "If" clearly implies that the Agency of Transportation would have had an opinion either way which they did not since it is no longer within their  jurisdiction to rule on safety issues. Therefore, how could they "have" any safety issues.  I really am not looking for trouble.  Couldn't the Board just say that they feel comfortable with their decision in the absence of any ruling from AOT and that since our transportation policy says that students are to be a the bus stop 5 minutes before it arrives, the Ladues would make arrangements for their sons to remain in their vehicle at the bus stop or they could, perhaps, arrange with a neighbor to sit in their vehicle.  Please feel free to overrule my thinking.  RB
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I feel we have dealt with the Ward Brook Bus Stop.  The Board Voted to move the bus stop to Ward Brook.  "If" the Dept of Transportation had any safety issues with the Board decision, then the Board would revisit its decision.