School Board Minutes

Thursday October 28th, 1999

Mike Strojny called the meeting to order at 6:35 p.m. Board Members present: Mike Strojny, Doug Reed, Kent Holden,Wavell Cowan, Principal Roberta Barone.

Kent Holden motioned for the minutes of the October 14th and October 28th meetings to be approved as written. Wavell Cowan seconded. Passed unanimously.

Kent Holden motioned for the Building Security Policy to be warned as amended. Wavell Cowan seconded. Passed Unanimously.

Mike Strojny read a letter from Patty Haynes concerning the safety of the children walking to school in the winter. Mrs. Haynes wanted the old front door of the school opened between 7:30 AM and 8:00 AM so that children did not have to walk down the vehicle entrance to the school. The Board expressed concern about building security with the front door being unattended. The new building security policy allows for doors to be open if the Administration feels building security is not comprised.

Kent Holden motioned for Board Order #17 in the amount of $16,347.61 be approved. Doug Reed seconded. Passed unanimously.

The Board directed Kent Holden to send a letter to the Business Manager, Rob Billings, with a list of questions concerning the new budget.

There was a general discussion of the 7/8 Valley Board and agreement that at the next Special Board Meeting, (November 4th) dealing with the budget, to have Keith Kennedy address the Board regarding the 7/8 Valley Board issue.

9:45 Kent Holden motioned to adjourn. Wavell Cowan seconded. Meeting adjourned.


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J. Kent Holden - Clerk