Bob - The URL with all Plan Update information is:

IMPORTANT: as you read through this page, towards the bottom is a statement
that says "If you want more information and forms for the update process,
click here". When you click, you'll get the forms in either PDF, Word, or
HTML format. Unfortunately we are required to keep a paper copy, so you
won't be able to submit electronically.

This information went to our point of contact --- the superintendents ---
last week.

Hope this helps.... keep in touch.

Bill Romond

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Subject: Technology Plan Revision

Last month you sent an e-mail via E-Rate list regarding the "Plan Update"
process for district technology plans.  I have not received any furthur
information about this process.  Would you please send me this information
or the URL for this information so that we can start this process?

Thank you very much for your time and consideration.

Bob Williamson
Technology Director
Rutland Public Schools