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Subject: RE: "New England Assn of Tech Teachers" conference?

Hello folks,

The NEATT Annual Conference is being hosted this year by the Vermont
Technology Education Association.  Each year the conference is hosted by a
different state in New England, so every 6 years it is Vermont's turn.  A
great conference is planned, with Howard Dean as the keynote speaker on
Friday and guest presenters from New England to Old England (that's Great
Britain, to we Yankee Rebels).

More information is available on the VTEA Website,

If you would like a copy of the flier, program, latest issue of the VTEA
Scene (our newsletter), and/or a coupon for $10 off the cost of the
conference (regular price is only $45), please email me and I will send it
to you right away.

Sorry for any confusion,

--Steve Barner

Stephen Barner
(802) 652-7015

>>> "Bill Romond" <[log in to unmask]> 10/13/99 09:29AM >>>
Steve - No... I haven't heard anything about such a conference.


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Subject: "New England Assn of Tech Teachers" conference?

Does anyone know anything about the "New England Assn of Tech Teachers"
conference?  Supposedly in Burlington on Oct 20, 21, and 22.

A guy from Maine somehow got my name to ask for info...he lost the email
address for the contact person.