Hi - Can anyone give some ideas to Ste\ve Bless from Monkton???

Bill Romond

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Bill (Jim)-
We're on a mission at Monkton School to research and implement use of five
or six commputers/classroom at a daily use rate of at least 50%.  I'm the
library/tech person at Monkton and working with Terry Robinson who does
most of the problem solving and Grade 4 math portfolio development.

One subject we could use help with is Math portfolio applications.  We hope
there is already recommended software that addresses how the state wants us
to do math portfolios - e.g., use of the different math stragtegies,
practice with math language, input into various representations (plots,
graph,s charts, tables, etc.).
Spreadsheets can be incorporated, but I wondered if there were"canned"
programs out there that would actually output something that would be
acceptable to be scored as part of the student's math portfolio.
In other words, do it with tech, instead of paper and pencil- and just as
Anything you could recommend would be appreciated.

PS- I originally sent this to your old address and cc'd Jim Abrams but not
sure if he got it.

Steve Bless
Monkton Central School
1036 Monkton Rd.
Monkton, VT  05469