It seems I replied to this before, but it's too recent.  Must've been on another list. Anyway,

We used Fortres and were fairly happy with it but configuring individual machines was tedious.  Since we're basically a NetWare shop at MHS, we implemented ZenWorks with its NAL desktop components and were pretty pleased with the results.  Things are locked down to varying degrees depending on who logs in (Staff has more flexibility than students).  (As aside here: we have some special needs students who have their own laptops and log in at school and then take them home.  Ooops! They were locked down at home too! Had to make them a special group).  NAL is great for delivering apps as well.  I can add an application from my office across town and, bam!, it's on the user's desktop in a minute.

As for filtering: we were asked to do this by the school board.  Again, being NetWare oriented and running BorderManager, we use CyberPatrol which integrates with Border's proxy server  Have used it for several years now and don't have experience with other packages, but this seems to do the job for us.  Recently brought the elementary school Mac's into the fold and it seems to be doing OK with them too.


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