Some foolish person at MIT just discarded an old set of skis, and I
felt the need to adopt the poor things.

It's a pair of Kniessel Red Star SL's (205cm) with Silveretta cable
bindings.  The binding seems to work in both free-heel and alpine mode
(two clips can hold down the heel cable).  These beauties are a bit
dusty, but the bases look good and the screwed-in edges seem tunable.

After having a few interesting gear-related talks at the SkiVT-L
gathering last spring, I figure this might be the place to go for
info.  Anyone know anything about these skis?  Is this a late-60s
set-up?  What style of boots would they have been used with?

I have an urge to tune these guys and try them out.  It might help me
better appreciate my expensive, modern 1998 Atomic 9.26's.


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