Peter wrote:

>  We have found the 2 mile range to be a limitation.  When we win the
> lottery we're going for five milers, license or no license.  The hills
> and dales and the forest and its trees diminish our reception.  Now,
> having said that.  I believe the money saving two mile range should be
> sufficient for a ski resort most of the time.

Depends entirely on the resort.  VHF walkies such as this are
more or less limited to line-of-sight; in other words, if there's a large
solid object 'twixt you and your intended -- such as... oh, say, a
mountain, you can pretty much forget about being heard.

So, for example, don't even imagine you'll be able to talk to
someone at Bear or at the Skyeship base if you're at Snowshed or
the KBL.  Similar situations would be found at Sunday River.  MRG
should work reasonably well, in that it's all one basin, and I imagine
reception is pretty good for most of the 'Loaf, but if you're at the
base of Lincoln Peak at the Bush, don't expect to reach someone
at Mount Ellen.  Etc.

Ski areas (and police forces, and fire depts. etc.) get around this
limitation by using devices called repeaters.  Essentially, the radio
has two active channels -- one to broadcast, one to receive.   The
repeaters are stationed in strategic locations which give good line-
of-sight access to a range of areas -- usually, at the summit or top
of a ridgeline with line of site to both locations.  The radio transmits
on one frequency, and the repeater re-broadcasts it on the other

I wouldn't expect to see anyone creating repeaters for FRS radios
anytime soon.


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