Matthew Reagan wrote:

> Some foolish person at MIT just discarded an old set of skis, and I
> felt the need to adopt the poor things.

Are you, perchance, also interested in a litter of kittens...?

> It's a pair of Kniessel Red Star SL's (205cm) with Silveretta cable
> bindings.  The binding seems to work in both free-heel and alpine mode
> (two clips can hold down the heel cable).  These beauties are a bit
> dusty, but the bases look good and the screwed-in edges seem tunable.

Do not, repeat, DO NOT, attempt to put them (or have them put) on
a stone grinder (unless you or the shop rat are hidden behind
several inches of Lexan).  Tuning screw-in edges with *any* sort of
power equipment is a sketchy concept at best.
> After having a few interesting gear-related talks at the SkiVT-L
> gathering last spring, I figure this might be the place to go for
> info.  Anyone know anything about these skis?  Is this a late-60s
> set-up?  What style of boots would they have been used with?

I'd guess earlier, considering the screwed in edges and the fact
that this was a fairly upscale ski in its day, and the fact that step-in
bindings were fairly commonplace by the late 60s.

As for style of boots, from what you describe I'd say leather lace-
ups with no fear of being wrong.  FWIW, I doubt that the bindings
were truly intended for use free-heeling; cable bindings back then
had the two channels to ensure that the cable didn't pop off.  Of
course, they COULD have been used that way, but free heel skiing
wasn't very popular back when those skis were made... in fact, if
my ski history memory is right, it had largely disappeared by the
40's and its modern era didn't begin until the early to mid '80s.
There have been practitioners all along, of course, but I doubt this
setup was truly meant for ski mountaineering.  Could be wrong, of
> I have an urge to tune these guys and try them out.  It might help me
> better appreciate my expensive, modern 1998 Atomic 9.26's.

A dangerous move.  What if you  instead decide you've been
hosed?   ;->


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